Jack Ma Alibaba group chairman announces his retirement

Alibaba group chairman announces his retirement,says want to go back to teaching.

Alibaba chairman, Jack Ma has announced that he would retire on Monday. This comes as a big shocker. Jack Ma who is going to 54 years old has planned to retire on that day. He wants to devote his time to philanthropy focused on education and he feels this is the right time to take this step.

Alibaba has become a huge player in the market in online payment and films and has been pouring investment in brick and mortar retail, cloud computing, meal delivery and advertising.

Jack Ma whose Chinese name is Ma Yun describes himself as one who got into the hustle of trade after discovering the internet.

Jack Ma Alibaba group chairman announces his retirement

Jack Ma is one of the richest people in the world valuing more than $40 billion according to Bloomberg index.  He created his original calling education through the Jack Ma foundation and will continue in that direction after this retirement.

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